Sadist II : The Duppy King

Kel Fulgham

Sadist II: The Duppy King

A gripping page turner, Sadist II: The Duppy King has a unique and thrilling plot that intertwines the lives of several individuals whose fate lies in the hands of a dark, vicious and horrifying antagonist.

After suffering heavy losses at the hands of the Sadist, Detective Patrick Stetson returns home to properly tend to his wounds and mourn the loss of his sister. Three years later, Patrick is up for promotion and his life has almost returned to normal. But specters of the past begin to show up, and soon he can't deny the inevitable. Patrick learns that the evil he fought once before is back, and this time it's hunting him.

Paige Stetson left New York and moved to Boston leaving the past behind her. But her new found freedom is short lived once she receives a disturbing message encapsulated in a dream. She, along with Donald Jones who finally found peace and happiness with his new family, has been summoned by the Sadist to become guardians for his captives, Cal and Aggie Johnson.

Meanwhile, Maria Fletcher is searching for help, hoping that her friend Cal Johnson can still be saved. It isn’t long before Norton Wyle, an ambitious federal agent who wants to harness the power inside Cal, becomes a player in the Sadist's game.

The Sadist gathers them all for the final judgment, but in the eyes of the Sadist, all are guilty.

Author Kel Fulgham shows a rather intriguing and provocative style of writing as he showcases a twisted and highly compelling plot that will definitely push his readers to the edge of their seats as they hang on every word.